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For Kafra Card Membership, you can receive a useful buff during the period indicated on the membership card. When purchasing a Kafra membership, you can receive it through your mailbox, and you can check the received membership in the Inventory > Consumables tab. You can receive buffs when using a membership card, and information about applied buffs can be found in the wallet item in the character menu.

It's a special battle mode in this game. A battle to determine the most powerful Colossus Soldier. Defeat your opponents and reach the highest rank!

To enter the battlefield, find Leonard on the top of Prontera. Talk to him and select the combat mode. There are 2 types of combat mode, there are:

Ranked Game: Compete against other players with a similar level. Fight to become the best!

Friendship Match: A battle that everyone can compete in regardless of the level.

Do you want to measure your power?? Try to conquer the Endless Tower!!

The Endless Tower is an increasingly difficult set of challenges. There is a special boss on every 5 floors up. With players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. To access the Endless Tower, you can choose 'Infinite Dungeon' on the single dungeon mode. The entry is available for Lv. 30 or above. Start the Endless Tower, don't forget about your reset day,

Cooking System is one of the crafting systems in this game.

You can cook some ingredients that can do a range of effects from recovering HP and SP to boosting stats.

You can also make some food for your pet. Your pet can also get extra status by consuming it.

To create food, you have to find Chef Madelin in the center of Prontera.

Talk to her and select the ingredients according to the food you want to create.

Mix the ingredients and you will get food to recover your health or boost stats depending on the food you choose.

There are 2 types of costumes: The part-costume and the full set costume.

- The part-costume is the costume that you can use separately and you can mix & match with any other parts of your costume (Headgear, Top, & Bottom). For example the School Uniform Costume.

- The Fullset Costume is a special costume that you can use on whole parts of your character. For example the Valentine Set Costume & Summer Pajamas Animal Set.

Or, you can use it as a Costume to become more stylish. It's all up to you! Collect them all and use the one you love. And feel the power inside you!

We are introducing you to one of the fanciest features in the Ragnarok V: Returns, Emoticon. Some Emoticons based on classic Ragnarok Online will bring you a nostalgic memory. You can use it to express feelings, cheer up people, or celebrate anything together with your friends.

We also add motion to the character when using emoticons to make it more expressive. The hotkey bar is also available for quick access. You may also enjoy the cute expression during an interaction. All of this we prepare only for you to get the best experience on your journey!



As a requirement, you will need to go to Valkyrie. And if you meet the requirement for the Job Change, she will give you a quest. When you have completed the quest and received the blessing, you will evolve to the next class. Her blessing and your effort in advancing job will make you become stronger.

To optimize your time, we recommend you explore Rune Midgard with mount. Here is the clue, the Cute Pet in this game can also become a mount. Riding a mount will make your quests faster to complete. Best of all, there are a lot of mounts available that you can choose. You can pick your best mount by tapping the menu on the top right of the screen, choosing R-Pet on the top toolbar inside the menu, and summon your favorite mount and seeing the basic status of your mount. Try to ride it with your lovely character, and blast your way onto the edge of the Rune Midgard continent! (As the mount are not trained for combat, you cannot attack while riding and must dismount to fight.)

There are various types of the crafts in this game:

  1. Chef (Madelin): You can cook some delicious foods and pet foods, make sure to bring the ingredients.
  2. Card Marker (Cortney): This NPC help you to create various cards and combine your card.
  3. Alchemist (Peaceric): This NPC helps you to create various potions and extract your items to get any other useful items.
  4. Card Marker (Cortana): You can disassemble your card and get items or materials.

Have you ever experienced difficulty healing your HP in intense fights?

Or wondering if your character can heal itself? No worries, we actually have a feature that may help!

It is called Auto-Potion, you may watch and learn how to set it in this video:

This is very useful when you fight mobs or strong enemies and focus on attack skills. You won't be bothered to use potions manually. 

We bring you one of the favorite features in this game, especially for you who like a challenge and bounty: Daily Dungeon. Daily Dungeon is a part of Single Dungeon available in this game.

There are various maps, difficulties, monsters, and rewards you can achieve daily. Furthermore, you have 3-free tickets to access this dungeon in a day, so use it effectively to get the maximum reward!

You can save your location as a respawn point when you perish from the fight. And the storage service to store your treasures and valuable items.

You can access Item Mall on the menu. There are some of the type of items and packages which is available in the shop. You can get these items from the shop using Zeny or Diamonds that you can obtain for free upon completion of quests, missions, and adventure logs.

We classified the items into some categories below:
▶ Consumable Items: You may need HP and SP Potion to survive the battle along your journey. You can get the items from Poring Store in Shop.
▶ Buff Items: Power up yourself with Buff items for a limited duration to fight stronger enemies. You can get the items from the Silvervine Store.
▶ Card, Pet, and Mercenary Box: Make your journey more pleasant by summoning Pet and Mercenary, also strengthen yourself with the help of various effect Cards. You can get them from the Diamond Store.
▶ Limited Packages: The packages may contain all the items mentioned above, Quest Items, and some cosmetic items. So you can have some essential items cheaper. Get these packages from the Event Store for limited purchase.

Find Eight the Blacksmith in the center of Prontera. Talk to him and choose the 'Smelting' option. Every item has its limit of smelt according to the grade of the equipment.

Need stronger Equipment to push forward?

Strengthen your equipment to increase the attack of your weapons and defense of your gears. Find Eight the Blacksmith in the center of Prontera. Talk to him and choose the 'Enchantment' option. To strengthen your equipment, you need Valkirie's Shard to forge gear and weapons. You can receive 1 from 30 effects from Enchantment. Enhance weapon abilities by enchanting the right one for different parts. It requires Magic Enchant Skill for Whitesmith Only.

Need stronger equipment for your journey??

Crafting is one of the solutions to get more powerful weapons and gears. Start with finding Hollgrehenn in the center of Prontera. Talk to him and choose the 'Craft Equipment' option. To create weapons or gears, you need Crafting Items Material to forge gear and weapons. Select equipment to craft and bring the required materials to successfully create it.

Raid dungeon is a high-difficulty dungeon that we recommend you enter with a solid party. You and your party can get a lot of valuable and rare items after completing it.

Before entering it, you need the "Invitation to another dimension" ticket to start the dungeon, and you better have Lv. 50 or above. Be ready to explore this challenging dungeon with your best party together!

Expressing your feeling through action with friends in ROV: Returns is possible with Co-op Action. You can choose the gesture that suits the moment you currently have.

With the approval of your friend, your character can make friendly gestures such as a hug, grab, or take hand. So, it will be easier to bind your friendship relation even deeper!

Make your character more attractive and distinctive from others. Aside from costumes, in ROV: Returns you can boost your appearance by changing the hairstyle and color you like.

There are many options you can choose from in the Beauty Shop Manager. Choose the hairstyle that suits you best and match it with your costume. So you will always look perfect and mesmerizing. 

There's no such thing as a mercenary or pet left unused on Ragnarok V: Returns. Wonder how to utilize them? Here is the answer: Exploration Mode. This unique feature allows you to assign them to specific exploration areas.

You can unlock this feature when your character's base level reaches 21. And the higher your mercenary and pet level, the more areas available to explore. The best thing, you can earn abundant rewards upon completion of this mode.

ROV has a unique feature that provides you a partner on your journey, called Mercenary System. You can hire a mercenary to support you in a battle with their power and skills. Bringing them can make your adventure easier.

And, not only can they accompany you, but you can send them on a dispatch to collect special rewards upon completion.

When you want to playing Ragnarok V: Returns but you have another task to be done, you may like this function, Auto Hunt.

This function can help you to hunt the monsters automatically. Choose your target monsters in the range you want, and let your character use the skills. Nothing can stop your progress in the game!

For more details you can check this video:

Becoming a successful merchant is possible in ROV: Returns. With the Private Store feature, you can create a shop by placing your item, set its price and sell it to control the market in the city.

You can unlock this feature when your character's base level reaches 20. Furthermore, if you have a special deal with any players in the game and want to sell the item secretly, we have a Secret Store option. This option enables you to set the Pin code for someone to access your shop.

Are you excited to know more about the Private Store? Watch this video:

There are some notable points that you have to prepare before you explore Rune Midgard for a better experience:

- Complete all quests and missions to get abundant rewards.

- Create a group and adventure together with your friends.

- Check your adventure journal and discover something new to get more rewards.

- Explore all types of dungeons that you can access, each with their own difficulty.

- Dispatch your mercenaries or pets to other areas to get special items.

We will release the base job class first, you can evolve it into 2nd job class and 2nd Transcendence job class.

1st Job Class :

- Swordman

- Mage

- Archer

- Thief

- Acolyte

- Merchant


2nd Job Class :

- Crusader

- Wizard

- Hunter

- Rogue

- Priest

- Blacksmith


2nd Transcendence Job Class :

- Paladin

- Wizard

- Hunter

- Rogue

- Priest

- Blacksmith

Please be informed that the game will be updated from time to time. You can stay tuned for the upcoming update of the game for a better gaming experience.

Job Class is the profession of the character that you will use and play. Professions in each Job Class on a character certainly have features with different skills and types of buffs. Currently, the Job Class is divided into 3 categories, (Job Class 1, Job Class 2 and Job Class 2 Transcendent).